Ideas worth sharing (non-tech)


Here are few ideas and concepts in the real world which are so fascinating.
Most of them come under one category. i.e Life.
Please judge yourself.
28. This shirt is straight sorcery.

27.The science behind the smile is pretty fascinating.

26.The fastest way to fold a shirt

25. Posh restaurant

24. Incredible video captures humpback whales swimming underneath the northern lights in Norway.

23. How to fool a telephone scammer?

22. Just friends !

21. Racism DESTROYED in one minute.

20. 6 fundamental rules of life

09. A small story that shows how we deal with difficult things in life.

08. This Ramazan, Surf Excel Pakistan releases an emotionally and beautifully written script with a loving twist.

07. Why laundry is only mother’s job?

06. The importance of making your bed

05. Must watch.. Dedicated to all the religious fanatics..

04. Thought process de-mystified

03. Apollo Robbins: The art of misdirection

02. Google Search: Reunion

01. Six Life Lessons I’ve Learned from Programming

Ideas worth sharing (non-tech)

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